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Boating Tours & Adventures

The best way to experience Bellingham Bay is by being out on the water. Choose one of our adventures that include either sailing or kayaking!





Breakfast, Boardwalks & Boating

This adventure begins with breakfast at a local eatery followed by a guided history walking tour of downtown Bellingham and Fairhaven. A two-hour paddle around Bellingham Bay, with a packed lunch from local eatery.  Finish out the adventure at a brewery in historic Fairhaven while enjoying some local favorites from the sea.


Kayak Wildcat Cove

This adventure begins in wildcat cove where the kayaks will be launched from. A skilled guide will lead an eight-mile paddle in and around various ocean coves. End the day in Fairhaven for the historic Fairhaven tour before heading to a local eatery for dinner and drinks. 

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Sail and Hike Local Islands

This adventure begins with a relaxing sail to one of the local islands, where your group will be guided on one of the local island hiking adventures. Lunch will be at a local eatery, before sailing home in the evening. Note: This trip can be modified depending on your desired level of difficulty and desired time sailing.