Hiking Adventures

Located almost at the foot of Mount Baker and just a stones throw away from the Chuckanut Mountains, Bellingham is known for its great hiking opportunities. Choose one of these trips for an exciting adventure inspired by local favorites. 


Bike/Hike to Willows

Bike the scenic waters-edge ride from Fairhaven to the Lummi Island Ferry. Hike natural areas on Lummi and enjoy a packed lunch from a local eatery with a view. Then bike to World famous Willows for a lovley dinner and wine piaring.

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Sail and Hike Local Islands

This adventure begins with a relaxing sail to one of the local islands, where your group will be guided on one of the local island hiking adventures. Lunch will be at a local eatery, before sailing home in the evening. Note: This trip can be modified depending on your desired level of difficulty and desirded time sailing.

Local Knowledge Hikes:            


Wildflowers & Wonder (Advanced Hike)

Climbing through the mountains, we will experience natures true beauty. From the lookouts and trails there are spectacular views of Canada, fields full of wildflowers and crystal clear lakes. Lunch will be brought from a local eatery and enjoyed at the top of the climb.

Outstanding Overlook (Moderate Hike)

Begin the day hiking through multiple switchbacks surrounded by a magnificent forest. Once we reach the top a packed lunch from a local eatery will be served as you enjoy the beautiful view. After the hike, head out to dinner at a local Fiddlehead favorite.

Walking with Waterfalls (Basic Hike)

This hike takes you through winding trails along creek gorge and still pools. You discover the waterfalls as you wander through the forests. A packed lunch will be provided during the hike. Before the day ends we will head to dinner at a local eatery.