I founded Fiddlehead Tours and Adventures from my true love of Whatcom County and all it has to offer. After moving several times growing up and spending seven years traveling around the world, I feel confident when I say that there is no better place than Whatcom County. The community of people, the love of the outdoors, the care for the environment and local business combined with the endless outdoor opportunities make it the optimal place to come and play. In addition to the extensive outdoor possibilities; excellent restaurants, breweries, vineyards, art, and culture are everywhere.

The biggest challenge in our community is the endless opportunities but no one source that connects the best there is at the optimal time. 

Insert Fiddlehead Tours and Adventures!! 

We take all the challenge and worries out of vacation planning with our all-inclusive day packages. Fiddlehead connects the right people to the right place at the right time giving you experiences to remember forever.

Why the name?

It is important for us at Fiddleheads to have a name that represents how we want to be viewed in our world.

Growing all over the world, Fiddleheads are complete beauty from start to finish. Fiddleheads are rich in nutrition and antioxidants and when left on the plant, a fiddlehead unrolls into a fern frond which provides improved air quality, cleaner soil and the ability to expand on its own. 

Tours and Adventures with Fiddlehead are as complete, pure and amazing as Fiddleheads themselves. All partnered companies have been researched for their quality of service and/or goods, environmental efforts and authenticity. We are the only company to offer all-inclusive day holistic tours and adventures carefully curated for small groups wanting to see and experience why the locals love where they live.